Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Midnight - A Poem

Here is a poem I have written!  Its called Midnight...

(also thank you Daisy for telling me about NaPoWriMo, and giving me a wake-up call to write more poems)


Lost whispers in the night
Stars blinking out of sight
The only time like this
Is the hallowed Midnight

When people sleep away
And dreams take way
Despite what all people say
Beautiful is this Midnight

Embers burn
And songs are heard
Things deemed absurd
Occur during Midnight

A writers pen
Stops when
When aloud he says
Oh this quiet Midnight

The art in the starlight
No artist can make
Left all at stake
At the end of Midnight

The nightbird cries it's song
That lasts oh so long
Making loners feel belonged
On this dark midnight

The first rays shine through
And tint the nights black skirts blue
And brighten the world
Ending the long Midnight

As the sun breaks the night
The stars blink out of sight
The time is now over
The end of our Midnight

Well I have to go now...

But expect a fun post soon featuring Lucky!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

My sister's new kitten!!!!!

So.  Guess what?

My sister got a new kitten!!!

We were supposed to get two but the local animal shelter only had 1 kitten, but it was a girl!

AND IT WAS BLACK!! My sister loves black kitties to the ends of the earth and back.  We used to have one.......

Anyway here are some pictures of our new kitten, Lucky!

She is sooo adorable!! She loves her little corner on our porch that we made for her!

So ya!  Meet the newest addition to ShuffleCatBlogs, Lucky!

Expect me freaking out over another smaller kitten in about a month or so.  We are getting me one, since Lucky is really Bella's kitten, and we planned to get one for each of us.

I don't think our other cat Princess likes her?  Maybe?  She hasn't really met her yet......


Ahhh Lucky is just too cute I can't even!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Rainbowcy Day 5

"Follow the Pretty Bird across the Sky"

"Hey.  What's your favorite band?  Or type of music?"

"Well I don't know... I like all kinds of music."

Phones.. How akward..

"You know, you're a really nice girl Flurry.  You're really easy to talk to, and I'm glad we're friends!"

"Selfie Time!"

Aww it was fun, them catching up and all....
Flurry is a bit naive........
I don't know if Qua likes her or not but.... You know.

Look at the pretty ship!!!

Look who showed up around the neighborhood! Range Orr.

Of course Flurry stopped to talk to her friend.

"Hey... have you seen that vampire Vlad around?  He really freaks me out.. I really am scared of vampires..."

And of course being a good person and all Range says:  "Oh.  A nice and pretty girl like you shouldn't be worried about a vampire.  They don't exist, or if they do.. Well we'll all make sure they don't bother you Flurry."

Good.  Friends.

Look who texted us!

Anywayz Qua texted and told Flurry about an opera in town.

However she spent the rest of the day gardening and practicing her violin.

Later that night Qua called about that opera again and invited Flurry.

She went, and came back litterally almost falling asleep...

BUT  NOT QUITE.  As she went to get a salad...



So Flurry yelled at him.

"I don't appreciate you coming to my house without my permission.  Its freaky!  Get off my property and stop following me places!"

So that was day 5.

Hopefully we have less freaky experiences with Vlad in the future.

Also do you guys like Flurry's hair?  I thought maybe a change up and I thought this one was cute!

Anyway Byee!!!