Quick Update!

Hey guys!
Very random update, I'm getting a new blog design!
Ugh I know it feels like yesterday I got this one, but this new one will be done by none other than Anika (@ This Journey Called Life) herself!  Thx!!
So don't flip if you look, refresh, AND BOOM my entire blog is changed sometime in the next week or so.  Or if Anika is on the about the author sidebar.  Its all in the process.
I hope you guys will like the design!  It'll be a surprise to me too, so we can all be surprised and amazed together!

I'm back!!!!!!!

Woaaah its been a while. *looks at last post* AUGUST 13!?!?!??! That's too long ago!  NEW POST TIME! Why not another thing with GIFs??? Okay let's go.  Here are situations going through my head in gif form:
My reaction to adjusting to living at school: Explanation:  I'm shocked at the amazingness that my new living conditions bring.  ITS AWESOME!
Fear of the homework my math teacher assigned tonight: Explanation:  I'm scared.
When my math teacher said he was gonna put the homework up online or in email and I still don't have it: Explanation:  Its still not up yet.  How am I supposed to do the homework if there is none?
When you're gonna miss an awesome pool party because you're going home but you also want to see ur fam again: Explanation:  I'm so lonelyyyyyy.  Just kidding Pandy (My lil sister.  She did a post with me one time) and the fam are awesome.
When my friend Effie (aka Lemons go check her out here!…

Video Games I recommend!

As many of you may or may not know, I love video games.  I am a video-gamer-writer extrodinaire.  So here are some video games I recommend to anyone that wants to journey into video gaming.
Stardew Valley via Stardew Valley is an amazing game with a pixelated RPG style, focusing on farming, fishing, mining, foresting, and socializing.  Its a slow-paced relaxing game with a fun concept and amazingly made characters.  The graphics are so amazing and the music is so calming and nice to listen to.  I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a game that won't leave you raging after playing it.  (Just saying my personal favorite characters are Emily, Maru, and Abigail).
Who made it?:  Eric Barone aka Concerned Ape, but he is now being helped by Chucklefish. Where to find it?:  I got it on Steam, where a few other games that I have on this list I have found or bought.  Steam is amazing for finding new video games to play.
Long Live the Queen via  Long Live the Queen is one of my fa…

My feelings towards ships explained by GIFS.

Let's just face it.  We all love ships.  Its just so fun to fangirl and obsess over our favorite character couples.  So here are my reactions to some ships, in GIF form!! Let's get to it!

Kaider, ScarWolf, CressWell, and whatever Winter and Jacin's ship name is (From Lunar Chronicles):

Kiko (Kinney and Iko from Lunar Chronicles)

Mauana (Maui and Moana)

The guy in the Wonder Woman movie and Wonder Woman:

Sophitz (Sophie and Fitz from Keeper of the Lost Cities):

Dexana/Bianex (Biana and Dex Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Rolin (Roland and Meilin from Spirit Animals):

Becco (Becca and Marco from Waterfire Saga):

Withspin (Wither and Aspin from Beautiful Disaster)

And last but certainly not least:
Hayfie (Haymitch and Effie from Hunger Games):

Do you have different reactions to these ships?  Which of the gifs were your favorite?  Do you not even ship most of these characters?  Haven't heard of any of them?  Let me know! Bye guys!!!
Wait before I go, my giveaway for this Hippo…

A little life update-How I got my nickname-etc.

Hey guys! So I thought because I might not get to post very often very soon, I will make a life update saying why.  I can't let out too much information, because yeah SECRET IDENTITY!  Also I thought why not tell how I got the nickname Sophie "Shuffle (ShuffleCat)" M.  

Starting with the whole "Life update", starting August 19 I will have continually less and less time to blog.  I will have less free time in general really.  This year is a very special year for me, because I am no longer going to the school I went to last year.  I am going to be living at the school pretty much.  It's out of my state too.  I expect to not have as much free time as I would like, but that won't stop me from blogging, particularly on the weekends.  Plus I have an awesome roommate to give me some ideas when I need them XD.
These are my final days of summer.  Even though I won't have as much time as I would like, I'm going to keep blogging and writing as much as I ca…

A Beautiful Blog Tour That Will Not End In Disaster! (A Beautiful Disaster Blog Tour Character Interview)

Hey Guys! So today I'm doing my part in the Beautiful Disaster Blog Tour.  This is an amazing novelette by the one and only Daisy Paquet, and I'm so proud of her for publishing.  The whole Beautiful Disaster story is so amazing!!!!!!! Here's the snippet.  If you like it you should totally get it once its published! August 1st go and get it people! XD I am such a good salesperson (SARRRCASSSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM XD)

When Wither is crowned king of the faerie, he knows that it is up to him to free his people from the UnderKingdom, a vast network of mines that his people have been confined to for a thousand years. In a desperate attempt to prove himself, he kidnaps the pyxie princess and swears that he will stop at nothing to convince her to help them. 

When Aspin, princess of the pyxie, finds herself in the UnderKingdom, her first instinct isn't fright- she has never been frightened of anything, for there has never been anything for her to be frightened of. When she meets the fa…

My 1 year Bloggerversary!!!!! (And Give-Away!!!)

Wow.  I'm in awe.  As of today, July 27, 2017, I have been blogging for a year.  Wow.  I have no words.  (I woke up this morning super tired, rolled out of bed, and then went around my house yelling "GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!!??  ITS MY BLOGGERVERSARY!!!!")
First off, I want to thank all my 'Mazing Moons who have supported me all the way.  You guys are amazing!  Not only my 'Mazing Moons that are following me, but those who read my blog but aren't following as well!  I couldn't make it if I didn't have you guys reading my stuff, and commenting telling me your thoughts.
Next I want to thank my squad.  Nerd Squad, Avengnerds, Nerds of the Round Table, if you're reading this, you guys are bomb.  I know I saw you guys a few weeks ago, but yeah.  Thanks for all you've done, and thank's for being the best friend group a girl could have!
Thirdly, I'd like to mention and talk about the person who introduced me to the internet and blogging world, …