Help! I have nothing to do!

This shall be a simple post.
If you don't mind, could someone please tell me about a tag or QNA to do, because I have nothing to post after my next post (hehe secretsssssss XD), so pleeeeassee!
My 'Mazing Moons, please deliver! (I know I call my followers that, but even if you aren't following and read my blog, well its just a nickname for my readers and followers and all you amazing people that have noticed my small dot in the internet.)
But yes.  After my secret secret post (hehhehehehehehee secrets!!!!!!!!!!!)  then yes I will want to do some QNA's or tags.
Also what do you guys want me to do?  Book Reviews? More poems? More Photography? More tags? More collabs?  
Anywayz Please give me some ideas! Thanks guys!

Sister Tag!!! (Featuring my lovely sister who we will call Pandy)


So in celebration of my sister's birthday, I'm doing the sister tag!
This tag was made by Kenzie @StuffieAdventures, and she said that I could do it.. so here I am!
Sister Tag featuring my little sister Pandy! Happy Birthday!!!!!

Which of you is older?
Sophie:  Me
Pandy:   You

What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Sophie:   Swimming and playing video games
Pandy:    Probably play video games

What is your sister’s favorite food?
Sophie:   Chille, Pimento Cheese ('Mena cheese)
Pandy:     Shhhhushi!! At least I think I got that right.
Sophie:  You did.

What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?
Sophie:   Cheerfulness and kindness.
Pandy:    Uhhhh.... dedication.

What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?
Sophie:   Uhh does Annoying count?
Pandy:    Does Sas count?

What’s one hobby you have that the other doesn’t?
Sophie:  Writing!  She never writes
Pandy:    Uhhh... I like to art.
Sophie:  WHAT I ART TOO! (But not as …

May Favorites 2017!!

Dang.  Its been a while since I've done a monthly favorites post.... Well lets change that! Here are my May favorites:
Favorite Book: Do you mean series?  I read the entire Lunar Chronicles AND Fairest during May.  That series has got to be one of my all time favorites.
Favorite Movie: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Its the fifth and final movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and it ended on a good note.  That movie was really good.  My sister even dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow (With makeup and costume, and a fake beard using eye shadow) for it.  That's dedication.  We ran into my confirmation mentor there, she came to see the movie with her grandkids I think.  Or nephews or great nephews or something. Off Topic, but I'm doing a drama camp during July (the woman running it was my drama teacher last school year, and she's AWESOME), and we're gonna do Alice Through The Looking Glass (The play based off the book), and my sister wants to be the Mad Hatter.  My…

The Mystery Revealed...

Its time to reveal the mystery that was in my teaser post.  If you found the secret link I hid in it (there was a secret link :P) then you probably already know.  If you follow my canva account then you probably already know.  And if your name is Daisy Paquet then you probably know.  Hey Daisy.  Thanks for giving me ideas for the names!
I would like to introduce you to..

Lapis Rainbow (the girl) and Kyanite Rainbow (the boy).  The twin children of Flurry Rainbow and Qua Marine, who are happily married.  I have fast forwarded years into the future of my Rainbowcy. I'm evil and impatient.
Anywayz, I'm going to post a little more of these now. It's gonna be a lot better now that we have these adorable toddlers here.
Aww family time!
They are such a cute geeky family!
Woah Qua that is not safe!
Little Kyanite doesn't want to play.
I think he changed his mind.
I think she's wondering why she's being picked up.
Awwwwwww! Adorable little grumpypants!
Why not dance to…

Cramm Award

So!!!! Today I'm doing the Cramm award. This is an amazing super descriptive (and I just love these questions) award made by Olivia from Your Rose Awaits.  I was tagged by the lovely Anika Joy, from This Journey Called Life! I'm so excited to be doing this award!! Okay the rules are: Tell who created the award and a little about them. Mention who tagged you (Thanks again Anika!!) Share three things that motivate you to blog: Share three people that inspire you to blog: Share one thing that you hope to do to improve the world: Answer your challenge question! Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a challenge question. Well crud.  Almost all the people I know have already done it or have been tagged already.  Oh well.. Am I ready? YES I AM!!!  I'M READIER THAN A HUGE FANGIRL WAITING TO GO TO THE BOOKSTORE TO BUY THE NEXT BOOK IN A SERIES! #beatthat Also I literally just described my life in a nutshell there. Now onto the challenge!!!: Three things that motivate me to blog: My passion: writing.  …

The Writer's tag!!!!!

So! Guess what?

I'm doing the writer's tag!
Thank you so much Daisy for tagging me!!!!!!
Here's her beautifully mysterious and lego batman-y blog:
Here click me!

So without further ado:
Here's the Writer's tag!
What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

Fantasy, Sci-fi, anything that doesn't involve the real world and real things.
When I was little I wrote a mix of fantasies and realistic stories...
How long have you been writing?

Since first grade, and since I'm a November Sagittarius baby, that means since I was 5.
Why do you write?
Because I enjoy telling stories that entertain, delight, and enthralled readers.
I like making my characters with their varying looks and personalities.
I like shaping a plot that will bring the characters in situations that they wouldn't like to be in.
I like making a world that is unique.
I write because I want to.
Writing has always bee

A little teaser for you.....

I am not gonna say anything about this other than show these pictures.
I shall enjoy the suspense.....
Now I shall watch as you die of cuteness and confusion and anxiousness......

I'll let you figure out who these little adorable cuties are....