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The 30 Song Challenge!

Hey!  So I was reading the blog of my good friend Lanie, and she recently did this challenge for the second time.  I read it and thought, Hey.  I want to show off my music taste to the world!  So that's what I'm doing today.   I'm going to do what she did and bold songs that are explicit.
Just like that ^ (I'm trying to point to explicit but I kinda failed)
Now lets do thisss
Your favorite song Rose Colored Boy by Paramore Lanie actually recommended me the entire album this is from, I listened to the first few songs, and instantly loved this one.  Plus its actually in my vocal range.  
Your least favorite song Lusus Naturae from the RWBY Volume 4 Soundtrack This song gives me the creeps, plus it isn't actually about anything from RWBY, its about something from RWBY Grimm Eclipse, a game that isn't even canon (or at least most people think it isn't)
A song that makes you happy Bad at Love by Halsey
So I actually can sing all of this song, but its also one of my fa…

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